Trend Micro Helps Bust 4 Million Bots

A massive network of bots – an estimated at least four million of them – was taken down in a raid recently. Completed with the cooperation of the United States Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), authorities in Estonia, as well as security firm Trend Micro, this bust is the biggest cybercriminal arrest in history.

Balancing Freedom and Security

Security experts are predicting a rise in the use of personal gadgets to access company data – which means that you will have less control over what kind of data goes in and out of your IT system. The best way to rectify this is by having a concrete and comprehensive IT policy that secures your data – without compromising the freedom of your employees to use their mobile devices.

Security: For Businesses Big AND Small

A survey by shows some disturbing results – that a large number of small business, while largely dependent on their computer systems, do not see themselves as threatened by hackers and online thieves. This results in a significant percentage of them having poor or mediocre security.

Structured client Tegu featured in Entrepreur magazine’s December Issue

Although Tegu's been featured all over the media in the last year, we're proud of their most recent attention in December's issue of Entrepreneur magazine. Brothers Chris and Will Haughey started Tegu in 2009 and Structured has been there to support their expanding technology needs since the beginning.

The New Windows Multipoint Server

With the new Microsoft Windows Multipoint Server, better and improved features are designed to make business operations much more productive and cost effective. With support for thin clients and older workstations as well as better connectivity with other Microsoft Server products, the new Multipoint Server is sure to be a much more versatile tool to help you do business better.