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Delivering Burbank IT Support for Over a Decade

Be Structured Technology Group has been serving the Los Angeles County and Burbank areas since 2007 with our all-inclusive managed services.

Burbank IT Support

Burbank, CA, is known for its many TV and film studios, including Warner Brothers and Disney. Whether your business is in entertainment or healthcare, your company needs hassle-free IT solutions. If you’re searching for a managed service provider for your IT needs, Be Structured is happy to visit your office and discuss how we can help. We’ll clarify your goals and needs to determine if our IT management solutions may be the answer you’ve been seeking.

Our Burbank-Based Partners

As one of Burbank’s premier IT support specialists, we partner with organizations of all sizes, including:

  • Law firms
  • Product management companies
  • Entertainment management companies
  • Accounting firms
  • Financial services firms
  • Software development companies
  • Nonprofit organizations

Dependable IT services so you can focus on your business goals

Be Structured is there to help you achieve those objectives.

Popular Burbank IT Solutions

MSP Services

With Be Structured Technology Group, your organization gains access to a team of IT experts who seem like an in-house team. Even if you already have IT professionals onsite, we’re happy to work alongside them to boost your technology platforms.

When leveraging your technology options, we understand how to achieve an ideal balance between cost and results. With our MSP offering, your organization gains access to a robust team with their own diverse backgrounds and expertise, all for a single monthly fee. We design our all-inclusive managed IT solutions to deliver that optimal balance by deploying industry-leading strategies and overseeing projects from start to finish.

Network Security and Compliance Services

Our success depends on ensuring your technology is always working for you and never against you. Our network security and industry compliance solutions are critical to achieving that goal. We collaborate with you to develop a security architecture that’s optimized for industry-specific threats. The team at Be Structured specializes in compliance policies to deliver a reliable platform that can adapt to an ever-changing regulatory and security landscape.

Cloud Solutions

You may have heard the cloud touted as the ideal answer for all of your IT needs. At Be Structured, we advocate for a slightly different approach to cloud technology. We acknowledge that cloud computing offers a robust environment for data management. However, a cloud platform only works when you have a team of experts managing and leveraging your services. A cloud platform has the potential to take your technology and productivity to the next level, but we only recommend you migrate data and applications to the cloud if doing so will benefit your organization.

One of our cloud solutions that has become increasingly popular in recent years is a hybrid cloud platform. A hybrid cloud environment merges the benefits of private and public cloud resources to deliver a seamless, comprehensive cloud solution. A hybrid cloud enables you to decide how resources are allocated, how the environment is managed, and how your sensitive data are secured. If you work in a regulated industry, a hybrid cloud platform is often an optimal solution because it allows you to enjoy the benefits of both cloud models while offsetting many of their disadvantages.

Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity Platforms

Securely backing up sensitive data, defending against viruses, and educating your users are all critical parts of IT. What policies do you have in place for how your team will resume normal business operations following a catastrophe? Technology has become too essential for day-to-day business success, and you need to have concrete answers to this question if you want to keep your team functioning. When you partner with Be Structured for your managed security needs, we work with every department in your business to build a practical plan for how operations will continue, even after a worst-case scenario occurs.

Once our team understands your business operations, we develop a comprehensive business continuity plan. By analyzing your workflows and determining potential threats, we can pinpoint realistic recovery objectives for all of your mission-critical systems. We simultaneously develop a backup platform that quickly restores them. Should your original data be compromised, a straightforward reroute is frequently all that’s needed to get your team back on track.

Expand Your Technology

If you’re in Burbank and you’ve been searching for the ideal MSP partner, get in touch with the team at Be Structured today. We work with you to understand your growth goals and develop a technology platform that propels business growth, while preparing your team for the challenges of tomorrow. For everything from cost-effective computer support to developing a holistic technology roadmap, we’re here to expand your next technology initiative.

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