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Welcome to Hollywood! What’s your dream? If you’re one of the lucky ones who dreamed of owning a business in Hollywood and made that dream come true, congratulations! To keep that dream alive, your small- to medium-sized Hollywood business needs an expert managed service provider (MSP) to ensure your technology is aligned with your operations. Be Structured’s IT solutions can keep your business on track and make sure you always have access to mission-critical information. Whether you’re in the film industry, a fashion designer, or an elementary school, we have your IT needs covered. Give us a call, and we’ll visit your Hollywood-area organization to clarify your needs and discuss our IT support services.

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Popular IT Solutions in Hollywood

With Be Structured Technology Group on your side, we take the time to build a trust-based relationship that’s just like having your own in-house IT department. Even if you already have a team of IT professionals, we’re happy to work alongside them to transform your technology with our unique skills and expertise.

We design our all-inclusive managed IT solutions to offer an ideal balance between cost and results by leveraging technology for your needs and on your budget. With our integrated MSP solutions, our ultimate goal is using technology to add real value to your business operations, all for one fixed monthly fee.

Network Security and Compliance

At Be Structured, we prioritize developing and deploying IT solutions that always work for you and never against you. A critical part of achieving that is implementing network security and industry compliance solutions that never slow you down.

If you work in a heavily regulated sector, we work to consistently exceed compliance standards while keeping sensitive data protected. Our team has the unique skills required to develop a security architecture that delivers dependable performance and the elasticity to evolve in today’s ever-changing security landscape.

Cloud Services

You’ve probably heard that the future is in the cloud and may even already be using cloud services to some extent. However, while some IT providers view the cloud as a one-size-fits-all service, we consider it a robust virtual environment that works best when you have experts leveraging your options.

If you’re interested in migrating some or all of your business operations to the cloud, there are a lot of possibilities we can explore. No matter if you’re interested in public cloud resources, a hosted private cloud, or a hybrid solution, our team has hands-on experience to help you find an ideal solution.

One cloud platform that’s growing increasingly popular is the hybrid cloud. A hybrid cloud solution combines private and public cloud resources, allowing you greater control over server management and resource allocation. And if you work in a regulated industry, a hybrid cloud provides an ideal solution by allowing you to experience the flexibility of a public cloud service with an additional layer of protection from a private cloud.

Disaster Recovery

How does your business plan to respond in the event of a disaster that disrupts normal network operations? Be Structured builds comprehensive disaster recovery solutions to provide concrete answers to that question. By taking the time to assess and understand every moving piece underlying your business, we develop a practical plan for restoring standard network functionality as quickly as possible following a disaster.

Once we’ve taken the time to understand your business from the inside out and the outside in, we develop your customized business continuity plan. By analyzing everything from the likelihood of potential risks to email hosting, we can accurately predict the recovery time for all your IT systems following specific disasters. Whether it’s fire, flood, or hard drive failure, we work to stay prepared, so your team can stay focused on day-to-day tasks.

As part of your disaster recovery solution, our team develops specific backup strategies in response to real-world threats, so everyone on your team knows exactly what to do for quick restoration following a catastrophe. Our disaster recovery solutions and continuity services prioritize redundant backups to provide you with the latest versions of data. If anything happens to your original data on our watch, we can typically deploy a simple reroute to get your business back up and running again on timelines that we measure in minutes and hours, not days or weeks.

Take Your Tech to the Next Level

If you’re in Hollywood or the surrounding Los Angeles area and you’re ready to explore how much more technology can do to add value to your business, contact our team of experts at Be Structured today. We’ll start working with you to streamline operations, facilitate collaboration, and prepare your business for tomorrow with technology that always works for you and never against you.

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