Writing note showing Data Loss Prevention

Data Loss Prevention – Pt. 3


In this final piece about Data Loss Prevention, we examine some important characteristics of DLP Software Packages, and some of the leading ones that you should consider acquiring for your business or corporation.

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3D illustration of computer keyboard with the script "Data Loss Prevention" on two adjacent pale blue buttons

Data Loss Prevention – Pt. 2


Our last blog examined what Data Loss Prevention is, and the three major types data categories of DLP Systems which are as follows:

  • In Use Protection;
  • In Motion Protection;
  • At Rest Protection.

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Data Loss Prevention Pt. 1


To any business or corporation, information and data are the blood flow of daily operations. This consists of market intelligence as it relates to your competition, the sensitive customer information (such as contact info, credit card/banking numbers, etc.), and even your own internal data.

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Being a Victim of Ransomware – Pt. 2

The Top Tips
Always keep your computer updated:

It is always important to keep your servers, computers, and even your wireless devices up to date with the latest software patches and upgrades. 

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cloud vs. edge computing

Edge Computing vs. Cloud Computing

Edge computing has recently started popping up in conversations about the future of cloud computing. Advances in cloud technology have primarily been driven by increasing demand for scalability and agility in the business world.

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Ransomware Pt. 1

What Is Ransomware?

In today’s world, Cyber-attacks are getting much more covert and sophisticated in nature.  Gone are the days when an attacker would be merely content by simply deploying a Trojan Horse virus to secretly see what is going on in your computer. 

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Virtual Personal Assistants – Pt. 9

The Future Implications of Siri and Cortana
The Future of Siri and Cortana

The way that Siri and Cortana are being used on our iPhone and Windows Mobile devices is considered to be that of the first generation. 

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Abstract futuristic illustration of polygonal surface

Virtual Personal Assistant – Part 8

Fixing Siri and Cortana
How to Change the Default Settings in Your iPhone:

It really does not matter what version of the iPhone or iPad that you currently have, Siri was designed by Apple in such a way that it can be used even when the passcode is not entered in.

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