Los Angeles Hosted VoIP Support

How Does VoIP Work? A Complete Guide to Functional VoIP

Did you know that voice over internet protocol or VoIP is a multi-billion industry worldwide? As a matter of fact, while the current global market is at $39.5 billion, analysts expect it to grow into a $125 billion market within the next half-decade. With its continued growth, the use of VoIP gives a lot of advantages to your business. You have to hop on it now.

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Los Angeles Server Virtualization

How Server Virtualization Works: A Beginner’s Guide

Do you ever feel like your tech company probably isn’t as efficient or ecological as it could be? According to the NDRC, 30 percent of your servers are unnecessary and probably only use a fifth of each server’s capacity. Fortunately, there’s a new trend in the world of network technology to help you maximize your resources and minimize your cost.

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Server Room - Disaster Recovery in Los Angeles

What Should Your IT Disaster Recovery Plan Cover?

You’re working on a big project for your business. You were up all night thinking about it and planning so you grabbed a coffee on your way to work. Suddenly, in your half-asleep stupor, you dump it all over the computer and lose the progress that you made.

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Los Angeles Email Protection

How to Stop Spam and Email Viruses – Your Complete Guide to Email Security

Do you ever feel like your email inbox is overflowing with spam? It might because it is. Here’s a statistic to make you shiver: 14.5 billion spam emails land in inboxes every single day.Moreover, the biggest source of spam isn’t what you’d expect. During the same period, 13.21 percent of all that spam originated in the United States.

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Los Angeles VoIP Services

5 Key Advantages VoIP Can Bring to Your Los Angeles Business

5 Key Advantages of VoIP Your Los Angeles Business Can Benefit From – Upgrading your organization’s traditional phone infrastructure to VOIP can bring with it a plethora of advantages. To learn about the top ones, click here for a full rundown on the advantages of VOIP!

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CTO - Careers and Jobs Page

Be Structured Welcomes New Key Team Members

Meet Be Structured’s newest team members. Welcome Tim Sheehan as our new CTO and Chris Steinborn our new Senior Systems Engineer. We are excited to welcome them to our team and the many exciting changes to come and new expertise and skills joining forces with the rest of us.

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Los Angeles Cloud Services

9 Reasons to Switch to the Cloud

Most businesses switch to the cloud because its low cost and remote servers are convenient. But why is cloud computing important? Here are 9 reasons to make the switch.

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