Virtual private network. Security encrypted connection.

Virtual Private Networks

For any Small to Medium sized Business (SMB) owner, recovering from a Cyber-attack or a security breach involves these procedures:

  1. Immediately securing the lines of defense at your organization;
  2. What to check for in your IT Infrastructure after your business has been impacted;
  3. Whom to notify in the case that a Cyber-attack has actually indeed happened;
  4. The kind of letter that should be written to the impacted parties (primarily those of customers, and any other third parties that you deal with, such as suppliers and distributors).

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cloud environment

Making the Most of Your Cloud Environment

More businesses are discovering the transformative power of the cloud environment for streamlining operations, minimizing overhead, and keeping teams in sync. As the possibilities opened up by cloud services continue to expand, your organization needs insights into how to successfully navigate the options.

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Writing note showing Data Loss Prevention

Data Loss Prevention – Pt. 3


In this final piece about Data Loss Prevention, we examine some important characteristics of DLP Software Packages, and some of the leading ones that you should consider acquiring for your business or corporation.

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Data Loss Prevention Pt. 1


To any business or corporation, information and data are the blood flow of daily operations. This consists of market intelligence as it relates to your competition, the sensitive customer information (such as contact info, credit card/banking numbers, etc.), and even your own internal data.

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