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What is zero trust security?

Zero trust security gained traction in the last couple of years since its launch in the early 2000s. The security system centers its technology on various ideas, so users have access to the best security while on various points of the data infrastructure.  

Zero Trust has become particularly helpful in organizations with cloud data because it enhances performance across a broad scope of the network. In addition, zero Trust increases reliability, scalability, and resilience by reaching beyond the traditional protection perimeter.

Benefits of the zero trust security system

Reduced hacking

We already know healthcare organizations face an increased risk of data hacks because they have valuable patient data. However, companies that take a zero-trust stance make significant reductions in hacking errors. Our consultancy will inform you of all your options in zero-trust consulting, so you can secure the entire perimeter of the system.

Protect the financial savings

Zero Trust for maximum security requires an upfront investment. However, getting the system is a much better move than risking the security of an entire healthcare system. You will almost certainly make money because you reduce the chances of attacks. The money you spend on data recovery and lost client interactions will not be nearly equal to the initial capital on security advisory services.

Increase customer trust

Subscribers, clients, and investors appreciate a system that prioritizes their data. However, they need to know that you are sensitive about their bank data, personal information to establish trust and a long-term relationship. Our consultation service will inform you of all the ways you can protect your company with little friction and respect for the end user’s privacy and rights. 

How does Zero Trust work?

The Zero Trust model works on multiple sections of your system, such as networking, storage, program execution, and the cloud. The administrator at Eden Data will specify a couple of rules and evaluate activity on the system to ensure your users and data have constant protection. More so, we set perimeters that only allow the verified users to access high-risk data.

Implementing the Zero Trust security

The first step to Zero Trust implementation is performing a data audit to understand your data and system. Next, we determine who should have access to different parts of the system and develop policies and systems that ensure easy transitions, traffic, and access.

We recommend focusing on adopting the Zero trust security system to replace weak security protocols like VPN. Our approaches help you to form a vision and open doors to barriers that will safeguard your healthcare institution for the long haul. Are you interested in Implementing the Zero Trust security posture? Contact us (512-595-4974) today to learn how our solutions assure success.

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