What Are The 5 Biggest Cyber Security Myths A Business Should Ignore?

The band The Kinks once famously sang the words, “Paranoia, the destroyer.” In these very divisive times, lies and fear have begun running rampant to the point where in the technical community we start believing that hackers and cyber stalkers wait around every corner of the internet.

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IT Services Say “Be Prepared” With Data Backups

Does your organization depend on your network IT support services for day-to-day operations? One quick way to answer this question is by asking, “If my network stops working, can my team keep working?” 

When they can’t, the consequences of a network outage are frequently fourfold:

  • Reduced productivity
  • Lost revenue
  • Irreparable data loss
  • Dissatisfied customers

However, a comprehensive data backup and disaster recovery platform can help mitigate the effects of a network outage and even restore normal operations sooner than you thought possible. 

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Why Companies Need 24/7 Monitoring and IT Support

In today’s world, 24/7 IT monitoring and technical support are no longer a business differentiator; they’re essential for protecting your network in real time so it’s always there when you need it most.

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How to Defend Against E-Skimming Cyber Attacks

As one of the ubiquitous car commercials says during the holiday season, “Make it a December to remember.” This year, however, won’t be as memorable for buying your spouse that Lexus or Mercedes they always wanted, but more for how we all are buying holiday gifts this year.

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