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What Should Your IT Disaster Recovery Plan Cover?

7 Things Your IT Disaster Recovery Plan Should Cover

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Guide to Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity

Beginner's Guide to Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity

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If Your Data Backup is Missing This Critical Element, You Could Be Putting Your Infrastructure at Risk

Many small and midsized businesses worry about their data and servers, and rightly so—data loss, particularly the loss of customer data, is expensive, and many companies never recover from a catastrophic incident. Keeping software and hardware in tip-top shape is a good guard against threats, but it’s not foolproof. A bulletproof backup, disaster recovery, and business continuity solution is the key. A 2016 survey by UK-based Databarracks found that almost a quarter of data loss events (23 percent) were caused by human error, as opposed to just 16 percent attributed to hardware failure. In other words, a random non-IT employee innocently messing around with your systems or using a password of “123456” can cause a problem as easily as a cyberattack or a server that goes kaput.

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