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Virtual Personal Assistants – Pt. 5

The Issues
The use of the Cloud:

This particular Security threat goes back to the issue of recorded conversations, but more importantly, where they are stored.  As mentioned previously in VPA Part 4, it is widely believed that they are stored at this point in the servers of the Vendors that make and support their brand of the Virtual Personal Assistant.

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Virtual Personal Assistants Pt. 4

The Security Issues
The Privacy Rights/Recorded Conversations:

As it was discussed in our last blog, one of the primary area of concerns of using a Virtual Personal Assistant is the conversations (or really the queries) that you are having with, for example, Siri.

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Virtual Personal Assistant Pt. 3

The Security Issues Surrounding a Virtual Personal Assistant

Despite the advantages that a Virtual Personal Assistant brings to an end user, or even for a business or a corporation, there are serious Security issues that are associated with them. 

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Virtual Personal Assistants

What Is a Virtual Personal Assistant?

Have you ever noticed anybody talk into their Smartphone, such as asking a particular question?  Or, have you even noticed a Smartphone talking to an individual and giving exact directions on how to get from Point A to Point B?

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