IIoT Environment


There are many devices, computers, workstations, wireless devices, and even IT Infrastructures that are now interconnected amongst one another.  There is a technical term for all of this interconnectivity, and it is specifically known as the “Internet of Things”, or “IoT” for short.

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Virtual Personal Assistants – Pt. 9

The Future Implications of Siri and Cortana
The Future of Siri and Cortana

The way that Siri and Cortana are being used on our iPhone and Windows Mobile devices is considered to be that of the first generation. 

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Virtual Personal Assistant – Part 8

Fixing Siri and Cortana
How to Change the Default Settings in Your iPhone:

It really does not matter what version of the iPhone or iPad that you currently have, Siri was designed by Apple in such a way that it can be used even when the passcode is not entered in.

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Virtual Personal Assistant – Pt. 7

The Remaining Security Issues
The Risks of “VPA Unfiltering”:

As described in the previous blogs, it is the hope of the major Virtual Personal Assistant vendors that their product will help automate our lifestyle daily, especially when it comes to online shopping. 

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Virtual Personal Assistants Pt. 4

The Security Issues
The Privacy Rights/Recorded Conversations:

As it was discussed in our last blog, one of the primary area of concerns of using a Virtual Personal Assistant is the conversations (or really the queries) that you are having with, for example, Siri.

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Virtual Personal Assistant Pt. 3

The Security Issues Surrounding a Virtual Personal Assistant

Despite the advantages that a Virtual Personal Assistant brings to an end user, or even for a business or a corporation, there are serious Security issues that are associated with them. 

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Virtual Personal Assistants

What Is a Virtual Personal Assistant?

Have you ever noticed anybody talk into their Smartphone, such as asking a particular question?  Or, have you even noticed a Smartphone talking to an individual and giving exact directions on how to get from Point A to Point B?

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