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What Should Your IT Disaster Recovery Plan Cover?

You’re working on a big project for your business. You were up all night thinking about it and planning so you grabbed a coffee on your way to work. Suddenly, in your half-asleep stupor, you dump it all over the computer and lose the progress that you made.

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Real Time Data and Dashboards for Small Business

Real time data and dashboards aren’t only for large enterprises anymore. Many of our on premise and cloud connected systems now have more open access than ever via API’s, SQL, and cloud integrators. Check out how we use data in our business and how easily real time data can be used at your business.

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Does Your Business Really Need Cloud Solutions?

Remember the last decade, when cloud computing was touted as the wave of the future for businesses? We’re well past the point of talking about a “future” technology—the cloud is firmly entrenched in the modern IT landscape. According to IDC, worldwide spending on public cloud solutions will reach $162 billion in 2020, and that number doesn’t include any sort of private cloud infrastructure or applications.

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