benefits of structured cabling

What You Need to Know About Structured Cabling

Your network’s structured cabling is the backbone of your internal network operations. With high-speed connectivity now critical to daily business operations, your building’s cabling infrastructure is something you need to take seriously.

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virtual private network

When and Why to Use a VPN

If your team depends on public networks for accessing critical work files when they’re out of the office, you need specific strategies to keep your organization’s data protected.

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9 Key Steps You Should Take to Secure You Business WiFi

It’s hard to operate any sort of business or even connect with family and friends without a wifi connection. It’s how you connect with clients, distributors, and every other aspect of your business. If your business is just getting off the ground, you may think that paying for your own WiFi doesn’t need to be a top priority. After all, you can take your laptop to the nearest Starbucks or McDonald’s and sit for hours for free.

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