Los Angeles Data Analytics

Real Time Data and Dashboards for Small Business

Real time data and dashboards aren’t only for large enterprises anymore. Many of our on premise and cloud connected systems now have more open access than ever via API’s, SQL, and cloud integrators. Check out how we use data in our business and how easily real time data can be used at your business.

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Los Angeles IT Staffing

We All Need Experts

      In both my personal and professional life, I seek help from experts on a variety of issues and I’m sure you do too. Here at Be Structured we outsource our HR, we outsource our tax preparation, our legal needs, our low voltage cabling, and more. Personally, I have a business coach and mentor, a physician, an estate planner, and even an online running coach. I’m sure there’s many others I missed too. It simply isn’t possible for us to be experts at everything.

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Los Angeles IT Security

How to Identify IT Services in Los Angeles That Make Sense for Your Business

A few years ago, research by SMB Group revealed a startling statistic — 27 percent of small businesses have zero IT support. In this case, zero means no part-timers or full-timers, no contracted workers, no managed services, and no dedicated person to handle any technical duties on top of other responsibilities. Nada. Zip. If something goes wrong in such a business, it is likely that somebody will volunteer (or be drafted) to Google search ‘how to reset the server’ or ‘how to recover lost data’.

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