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Improve Communication, Upgrade your VoIP System

The more things change, the more they stay the same. Thanks to technology, we now have several cutting-edge ways of connecting with colleagues and customers, but phone calls are still one of the best ways to network and connect with others.

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Public vs. Private Cloud: Which Is Better for Your Business?

Businesses nowadays have a notable degree of reliance in cloud computing. Even bakeries or law firms need to keep their data stored somewhere they can easily retrieve it from. As a small business owner, you need to know how to use cloud computing to its full effect if you want your business to grow.

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What Is G Suite? How Google Apps Can Benefit Your Business

It’s not a secret: millennials prefer cloud-based programs to traditionally-installed ones like Microsoft. But there’s another group that’s also clambering for programs that can connect people: businesses. G Suite has recently gained traction inside classrooms, on mobile devices, and now within corporations. But what’s all the hype about? What is G Suite and how can you use it in your business?

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How Does VoIP Work? A Complete Guide to Functional VoIP

Did you know that voice over internet protocol or VoIP is a multi-billion industry worldwide? As a matter of fact, while the current global market is at $39.5 billion, analysts expect it to grow into a $125 billion market within the next half-decade. With its continued growth, the use of VoIP gives a lot of advantages to your business. You have to hop on it now.

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Professional Los Angeles Hosted VoIP Installation

Installing a new VoIP system might seem easy, but there’s a myriad of issues that can pop up a long they way. Allowing a professional IT services company like Be Structured to help with your planning, purchase, implementation, and on-going support is a sure fire way to make any VoIP provider shine.

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3 Reasons Your Organization Should Consider Switching to a VoIP Solution

Voice over Internet Protocol, or VoIP (sometimes pronounced “voyp”), is a technology that Los Angeles-area businesses are becoming increasingly familiar with. Essentially, VoIP is a telephone system using the internet instead of traditional land and cellular lines. But VoIP is more than an interesting technology and a funny name—it’s an opportunity to transform your operational processes.

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