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In this final piece about Data Loss Prevention, we examine some important characteristics of DLP Software Packages, and some of the leading ones that you should consider acquiring for your business or corporation.

The DLP Software Packages

These come in three main categories:

1.    Network based solutions:

These are typically installed at the endpoints of a network perimeter and can identify/block any malicious incoming traffic that can affect the datasets.

2.    Endpoint based solutions:

These are deployed on all employee workstations, servers, and wireless devices.  They monitor all sorts of electronic communications, and if any are deemed to be suspicious in nature it will block access to the datasets of the employees in question.  These solutions can also monitor and block any physical device that has any kind of sensitive information/data on them.

3.    Advanced based solutions:

These make use of Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Neural Network mathematical algorithms to determine any anomalies or the most granular suspicious behavior when the datasets are being accessed.

With this in mind, the top ranked DLP software packages are as follows:

  • Symantec Data Loss Prevention
  • Trustwave Data Loss Prevention
  • McAfee Total Protection for Data Loss Prevention
  • Check Point Data Loss Prevention
  • Digital Guardian Endpoint DLP

9 thoughts on “Data Loss Prevention – Pt. 3

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  4. The IT Service and Support departments within organizations should always ensure that they have the latest DLP software versions installed within their organization. Thanks for sharing the great recommendations.

  5. Whenever not sure on which DLP software to go for, it is advisable to engage in some IT Consulting. This can help identify exactly which software would fit your specific needs.

  6. Companies that lack an IT department are better off getting protection from data loss through IT Outsourcing. This way they can be sure that they always have the best DLP software installed.

  7. Every Computer Company should have a couple of DLP software installed in their systems at all times. Failing to do so could spell disaster and losses.

  8. Seeking help from a Los Angeles MSP is a good way to know which DLP software to choose. Personally I would recommend Symantec.

  9. With all this knowledge it is convincing that using your IT Services will help prevent data loss. So apparently, companies should contact you for help

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