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The more things change, the more they stay the same. Thanks to technology, we now have several cutting-edge ways of connecting with colleagues and customers, but phone calls are still one of the best ways to network and connect with others. The value of phone services hasn’t changed, but the technology that supports them have. Analog phones have been replaced with cloud-based VoIP phone systems.

Traditional phones had their day—they used to be the only way for people to connect across vast distances. As the modern world advanced, those phone lines proved to be a less efficient form of communication. Traditional telephone services are not flexible and cannot be easily scaled up and down for business needs. Plus, large-scale phone systems are expensive to implement and don’t always deliver the high-quality calls that businesses require.

What is a VoIP Phone System?

A VoIP solution is a phone network that uses an internet connection and cloud technology to provide superior clarity and connections to people inside and outside of your business. It is less expensive and offers more features than traditional phone lines. They are one of the fastest growing trends in businesses today, but not everyone is getting the performance they expect and deserve.

I Already Have A VoIP Phone System; Why Do I Need An Upgrade?

Sometimes people hear about all of the advantages that these services offer and jump on board without making sure they have a superior provider. You could have a VoIP service in your workplace, but is it delivering the kind of reliability and clarity that you deserve? Does it have all the features that you were promised?

No matter what technology you are deploying, you need an expert guiding the implementation and installation. At Be Structured, we have helped many small businesses with their hosted VoIP services by upgrading their phone systems to a whole new level, at a minimal cost.

The Advantages of VoIP Services

If you have an inferior VoIP phone system, then you probably aren’t able to take full advantage of all of the benefits that these systems offer. Let’s take a look at some of the most significant features and advantages you can receive with superior VoIP phone solutions from Be Structured Technology Group.

  • Ease of Installation: A VoIP system installation is simpler and easier than traditional phones. You won’t need to run wires or cables, because the network relies on your existing internet connection. This is where some small businesses or service provider fall because they do not plan ahead for the strength of internet connection that is required.
  • Be Structured can work with you to make sure that your internet is strong enough to support a system like this reliably. There is no hardware or software to install, you just need IP phones and service provider that knows what they are doing.
  • Scalability: Old phone systems were expensive to scale up and difficult to scale down. With a hosted VoIP system, you can add a new line as soon as you hire a new employee. There is no waiting period or long-term budget constraints, you can always have the number of phone lines that you need.
  • Mobility: Thanks to their internet connection and advanced design, a VoIP phone number can travel with you anywhere that there is an internet connection. That means you can leave the office and still remain in touch with your colleagues on a mobile device for crucial moments of communication. It also means that if you ever move desks or office, the number can easily travel with you which reduces confusion with your business contacts.
  • Unified Communications: One of the biggest productivity killers in any business is miscommunication and misunderstandings. Your business needs direct, practical, and adaptable paths of communication. When you and your employees can collaborate effectively, you’ll have greater success. A VoIP phone system allows for your workforce to communicate more efficiently with more clarity and less miscommunication.
  • Future-Proof: The world of technology is constantly advancing, and it can be costly to try to keep up. Old-school traditional phone services were limited in what they could do, and there was little opportunity for advancement. VoIP phone systems were built on internet technology and based on software that can be adapted or upgraded.
  • You won’t need to replace your system in a few years when new technologies become available. You can receive later upgrades that provide new features and push service quality even higher. This is the kind of investment that will pay for itself in the money you won’t be spending in the years to come. VoIP systems are the high-tech option of the future.
  • Supports Legacy Systems: You can take a step into the future without sacrificing the older technology that you have come to rely on. Even in this day and age, it is sometimes necessary to still send someone a fax or document image. Virtual faxing allows you to receive faxes without the need for paper and toner. You get the same access without the cost of the physical resources.
  • VoIP phone systems can also be integrated into existing traditional phone lines if you don’t want to give up on your landline just yet.
  • Premium Features: There are several advanced features that come with a VoIP phone system. They offer all new ways of interacting with your coworkers and your customers. You can actively create and join video or phone conference calls. This will enhance the collaboration in your office and create the opportunity for new innovative strategies.
  • There are custom call routing options to manage the high volume of voice calls that you might get on a daily basis. You can have pre-set pathways for calls to be forwarded or set up alerts to let you know when a caller has been waiting for too long. This advances your customer service abilities and enables you to reach more people on a given day.
  • Cost-Cutting: Legacy systems and traditional phone lines are costly to install, and any reconfiguring takes a significant amount of time, which costs you more money. The actual phone calls you make won’t cost as much either because they are made over the internet.
  • International calls will no longer cost you an arm and a leg. This reduced price global reach will open up new doors for your business. Even if you currently have a VoIP system, you might not be enjoying all of the monetary advantages if your system wasn’t properly managed.

Contact Be Structured Technology Group today to get your VoIP phone system installed or upgraded to the superior level of performance that your business deserves.

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