IP Access Control

A network-based security platform.

With an IP access control solution from Be Structured, you can secure your facility from the inside out.

IP Based Access Control

The team at Be Structured specializes in IP access control platforms designed to protect your operations from unauthorized access while ensuring your team always has access to the critical tools they need. With the ability to deliver selective facility access, you can be confident that your mission-critical data and equipment don’t end up in the wrong hands. As criminals develop new ways of compromising your network, deploying a comprehensive IP access control platform is more important than ever. From mobile-based control to door controllers, Be Structured can secure your network and facility from internal and external threats.

A Unified Platform

Be Structured’s IP access control systems allow for seamless control of your facility’s card readers, door controls, and IP controllers from a unified point of control. Whether you’re looking to upgrade an outdated security system or you want to prepare your security platform for the challenges of the modern world, streamlining your security strategies under an IP access control network offers a solution designed to maximize security at every level. Capabilities include:

  • Cloud-based web and mobile app control
  • Customizable user access privileges
  • Remote viewing of lock audits and alerts
  • Wireless door and building locks
  • Making the most of your existing network
  • Real-time updates and alerts
  • Lock schedules, user schedules, and holidays

Whether you’re on the other side of the building or the other side of the globe, you’ll have access to the robust functionality of your IP access control platform. That means you’ll be able to see exactly who entered your building—anytime, anywhere.

Protect your facility from the latest security threats.

Be Structured’s IP access control solutions protect your organization and your team by mitigating the risk of unauthorized access.

Advantages of Adopting IP Access Control

When you partner with Be Structured to develop and deploy an IP access control platform, your business can experience these benefits and features:

  • Simplified Security: Our security platforms support door access via proximity and smart cards as well as with biometric scanners. At the same time, you can schedule up to 16 different lock schedules to control the hours and days users can use various access points. Have a holiday coming up and want to prevent unauthorized access? Not a problem. You can schedule up to 32 holidays each year during which you can suspend normal operations.
  • Streamlined Operations: Our IP access control solutions allow you to manage up to 100 locks, with each supporting up to 5,000 users, so you can scale your security platform as your business grows. Each user can be assigned a specific credential type such as master, standard, freeze, pass-through, blocked, or lockdown. On top of taking a hands-on approach with customized user access procedures, you can see exactly who entered which access points and at what time via a cloud-based interface.
  • Optimized Facility Management: Your facility management team already has enough to do. An IP access control system gives them one less thing to worry about with the ability to add and manage users and access privileges no matter where they are. That way, your security systems never slow your team down again. Security and software updates are automatically installed overnight via your WiFi network or when your system is idle, without compromising your facility’s security network.
  • Our IP Access Options: As your security partner, Be Structured can deploy three different types of IP access platforms, so we can customize a solution that’s as simple or as robust as you want. These options include:
  • Embedded IP Access: Our simplest solution, embedded IP access, generally operates at a single facility with a low door count. Critical data are stored on a control panel and directly transmitted to your cloud platform. This is the most cost-effective solution due to ease of installation and operation.
  • Server-Based IP Access: Server-based IP access allows you to host individualized IP access control systems at multiple facilities while unifying them under a singular platform.
  • Hosted IP Access: Hosted IP access systems are generally hosted on the cloud, allowing you to scale your network rapidly. With redundant hosted backups and audits, hosted IP access is an excellent option for enterprise-level operation when disaster recovery is critical.

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