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In today’s ever-changing cybersecurity landscape, your Los Angeles business needs a team of dedicated security experts to keep your operations protected from cybercriminals. Cybersecurity threats aren’t going away anytime soon. The annual costs of cybercrime are expected to rise to $5 trillion by 2020. Now’s the time to solidify your network defense strategies to protect your mission-critical operations today while preparing for the challenges of tomorrow.

If you’re ready to prioritize a cutting-edge security platform to support your business operations, Be Structured offers a robust network security catalog that we can customize for your specific needs. From physical security platforms such as IP access control to disaster recovery, Be Structured has the tools to protect your business from internal and external threats. We design and support a seamless security platform that stands as the backbone of your organization. Here are some of the key strategies we offer to accomplish that.

Holistic Managed Network Security

One of the driving goals at Be Structured has always been our commitment to ensuring your technology continually works for you—never against you. As one of our most popular managed IT services, Be Structured’s managed cybersecurity solutions prioritize your network’s security, so you can stay focused on day-to-day operations. By understanding your system, facility, and workflows from the inside out, we offer a holistic approach that secures your network at every level. Our security platforms include the following features:

On top of comprehensive network security solutions, our team also specializes in industry-specific compliance management. We’ve worked with organizations in the medical field, law firms, and financial companies to ensure their networks remain compliant with ever-changing regulations. With Be Structured as your cybersecurity partner, you’ll enjoy peace of mind knowing your network is in the hands of security experts, paired with confidence that your employee and client data never end up in the wrong hands.

Next-level security solutions for every aspect of your operations.

When you partner with Be structured, we deliver turnkey security solutions that protect your organization today while preparing for tomorrow.

IP Surveillance

If your organization still relies on traditional closed-circuit television (CCTV) to secure your facility, it’s time to upgrade to a platform that’s designed for the 21st century. An IP surveillance solution from Be Structured takes the capabilities of CCTV to the next level by recording and storing video footage via your computer network instead of on analog tapes or discs. By integrating a digital video surveillance system with your larger IT network, Be Structured delivers a seamless security platform that streamlines network performance and security.

When you partner with Be Structured for your video surveillance needs, we design and deploy a turnkey solution that’s optimized for your facility and the threats you want to guard against. Whether that means motion-based sensors or around-the-clock camera monitoring, our team takes the time to understand your facility’s strengths and weakness to enhance every aspect of your security platform.

IP Access Control

In addition to our IP surveillance solution, Be Structured delivers IP access control platforms designed to protect your facility from unauthorized access. With the ability to deliver selective facility access, your facility and assets stay protected while ensuring your security controls never slow your team down. As criminals develop new ways of compromising your operations, deploying a comprehensive IP access control platform is more important than ever. From mobile-based control to door controllers, Be Structured can customize your security platform from the ground up for a solution that’s built around your needs.

Be Structured’s IP access control systems allow for seamless control of your facility’s card readers, door controls, and IP controllers from a unified point of control. Whether you’re looking to upgrade an outdated security system or you want to prepare your security platform for the latest threats, streamlining your security strategies under an IP access control network offers a system designed to maximize your facility’s security.

Los Angeles IT Support

When you partner with Be Structured for your physical and cybersecurity needs, your Los Angeles-area organization can experience the benefits of a seamless security platform. We develop our solutions around your needs, goals, and threats to ensure neither internal nor external security problems slow your team down. Contact us today to tell us what needs protecting, and we’ll find a way to defend your operations so that you can stay focused on your business.

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  1. The success and failure of a computer company relies on how tough its security is. Hacking is a thing now and countering it is vital.

  2. IP surveillance solution sounds is really advancing and I’m glad that a Los Angeles MSP like be structured are using cutting edge technology to secure company network..

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  4. Thank you for sharing this. My friend and I are thinking of investing to an IT Support business, which includes this one.

  5. Having a weak security will surely bring you and your computer company down. It’s best to invest in this matter.

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  8. These are very vital services for any modern business. Thank God for IT Outsourcing as anyone can get them even without the proper experts in their organization.

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  11. This is where IT Support truly shines and proves its worth. I mean it is like an advance defense force which comes to aid if the firewall or AV cannot hold the fort right???

  12. Whether you have a big or small business, everyone is exposed to this threat already which will determine your loss or not. Having a tough IT service will protect you from losses and will help you gain everyting by protecting your computer conpany at all cost. Only go with the tested and proven one’s.

  13. I do consider you guys with the best Los Angeles IT Services. You do have good structure and you are far better in your strategies.

  14. This does sound like next-level security solutions from Be Structured IT Support. The IP access control to disaster recovery and digital video surveillance system sound top notch in efficiency. Thanks for sharing.

  15. Since everyone is computers these days keeping it secure is a no brainer. This is where IT Support comes in. They are in demand because today war is not done by conventional means but in cyberspace.

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  17. These are great strategies for network and data protection. This is a great IT consulting prospect for our group. I wonder if they also offer services to companies outside LA.

  18. I am all fine and good with IT Services security wise but surveillance sounds iffy to me. I mean with people putting a premium on privacy. I am not saying its a problem but not all users might welcome that.

  19. These are really good but I agree that a surveillance might be going a bit too far. In perspective, I know a lot of people who even minds a mere tracking cookie. That said how much more in terms of peeking personal space? Part of IT Service or not it needs balance.

  20. Amazing and informative article! I learned a lot from it. When it comes to IT Consulting, you really need to be careful on choosing what company you should trust.

  21. For a Los Angeles Computer Company I respect this team. They are literally putting the word out and that is cool. Sure it may look like an advertising but it also makes the company transparent.

  22. The surveillance and security sound top notch from this Los Angeles IT Service. It’s definitely beneficial to spot and detect threats at the push of a button.

  23. I just love the lengths that the Los Angeles IT Support have gone through to ensure they provide help to the general public. And if i had a company i think outsourcing their services could go a long way to securing every system.

  24. I like the IT SERVICE provided by your company. One of upur driving goals at Be Structured is our commitment to ensuring your technology continually works for others. Well done on this.

  25. IT security is something that professionals in Los Angeles IT Consulting should handle. It’s not an easy task that anyone can do, especially nowadays that new digital threats are discovered every single day.

  26. Email filters, backup recovery and security customization is essential for any Los Angeles IT Support system. I love the continuous assessments offered for your network data plan and how it’s carried out with a holistic approach.

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