Nonprofit IT Support

IT Solutions for Nonprofits

The non-profit space has changed a lot over the years. The most successful nonprofits are leveraging technology just like businesses to better fund raise and execute on their initiatives. At Be Structured we love working with non-profits and many of our best and longest term clients are in this category. We get that nonprofits have a different outlook on expenses and success and we know how to match that with technology!

We Get Nonprofits

From donor management systems, marketing automation systems, and management systems for you specific area (church management, order fulfilment, grant writing, etc.). We've seen the very unique challenges nonprofits have as well as many solutions that exist. When searching for IT Services around Los Angeles few companies have the level of experience we do. 

Our team of executives, expert technicians, and help desk support staff can help you accurately discover and resolve problems. Our IT consulting services help you stay one step of ahead of the curve with vCIO and vCTO strategic planning as needed. We help you think big picture about using your technology within your organization, and function as a true partner who is invested in overall success of your organization. We provide you with cloud, VoIP, security, backup, and disaster recovery solutions specifically to fit for your organizational needs.

We recognize that nonprofits share similar needs to commercial businesses in some areas, but vastly different needs in others. As a nonprofit you depend on technology to help you communicate with partners or donors and maximize efficiency with your day-to-day operations. We know you face unique challenges and we work closely with you to ensure your IT strategy is well-aligned with your goals.