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We prioritize network security so your team can stay focused on business growth.

Our Comprehensive Cybersecurity Outlook

If your organization depends on your network for day-to-day operations, you can’t afford the downtime caused by a data breach. Data breaches can quickly lead to revenue loss, missed opportunities, a poor public image, noncompliance penalties, and even lawsuits. The best way to keep your business protected is with a team of cybersecurity experts overseeing your network defenses. At Be Structured, we have the hands-on experience and skills to deploy and continually refine a security platform around your operations.

At Be Structured, we understand that no matter the size of your business or the industry in which you operate, your organization is a potential target for cybercriminals. That’s why we take the time to develop a robust security solution that continually monitors your network for threats, such as viruses and malware, at every level. From firewall systems that filter out external threats to access control platforms that keep internal data protected, we protect your mission-critical data as if it were our own.

Protecting your network at every level.

We pinpoint industry-specific threats to keep you safe from the latest cyberattacks.

Our Antivirus and Antimalware Solutions

When you partner with Be Structured, our goal is to bridge the gap between your network and security strategies for a seamless IT solution. As part of our comprehensive cybersecurity package, we incorporate the latest in antivirus and antimalware software into your network operations. Tired of constant antivirus software notifications haranguing your team throughout the workday? We take care of all updates, patches, and upgrades during your team’s off hours, so software never slows them down again.

Our antimalware and antivirus solutions are grounded in Webroot along with supporting the built-in Windows Defender platform. No matter how your team uses computers and other network devices, we can customize a security solution around their day-to-day tasks. At the same time, our cybersecurity experts take pride in remaining ahead of the latest security threats and developments to ensure your organization stays one step ahead of cybercriminals.

As the first part of our cybersecurity development process, we clarify all of your industry-specific threats and operational vulnerabilities. By pinpointing your network’s strengths and weaknesses, our team is able to solidify any seams in your defenses while optimizing performance. From deploying systems that protect your network from ransomware to training your team to identify social engineering tactics used by cybercriminals, Be Structured ensures your team has the tools to stay protected in today’s connected world.

Los Angeles IT Support

If you’re ready to start taking a more proactive approach to network security, the team at Be Structured is here for you. We’ll work with your team to identify security vulnerabilities and deploy holistic solutions, all while overseeing updates, upgrades, and monitoring. With Be Structured, your team can get back to business with the confidence that your network is in the hands of security experts. Plus, our antimalware and antivirus solutions pair perfectly with our other managed services, so we can be the single source for all of your organization’s IT needs. Call us today to get started.

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