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Video Surveillance for the 21st Century

For decades, traditional closed-circuit television (CCTV) has been the industry standard for security camera systems. IP surveillance takes the tried-and-true capabilities of CCTV and updates it for the challenges of the 21st century by recording and storing video over your computer network instead of on analog tapes or discs. By allowing you to integrate your video surveillance system with your broader IT network, you can experience a seamless security platform and streamlined network performance.

Whether your business is ready to upgrade your closed-circuit television security camera system, or you’re looking for the latest in IP video surveillance, Be Structured specializes in IP surveillance solutions designed to elevate your security platform. Our team has the capabilities to design and deploy an IP surveillance network optimized for your facility at the most cost-effective pricing in the industry.

Elevate your security platforms.

At Be Structured, we develop and deploy IP surveillance solutions built to streamline your security platform.

Why Businesses Are Upgrading to IP Surveillance

More businesses in all industries are upgrading to IP surveillance platforms for reasons like:

Robust Search Capabilities

Because video footage is stored and archived digitally, recording can be accessed at a moment’s notice. In the event of an incident, your organization will be able to pull precise video footage based on an exact time and date without having to review hours of tape to find what you’re looking for.

Simplified Storage

An IP surveillance platform enables your team to store your footage via a cloud service to allow virtually unlimited storage capacity. That means you can save weeks, months, and even years worth of footage without requiring additional storage space at your facility. With IP cameras, your cameras can record as much as you want for as long as you want without storage space restricting your goals. With the ability to compress video footage, you can also optimize video footage for long-term, cost-effective storage. Driven by the capabilities of the cloud, your team can also review footage anywhere, anytime as long as they have a network connection

Improved Image Quality

Digital archival capabilities deliver higher quality footage when compared to what’s possible with analog cameras. With scalable resolutions ranging from 4k and 1080p to lower resolutions, an IP surveillance platform allows you to customize video quality based on your unique needs. At the same time, digital video quality does not degrade when stored for extended periods of time as with film.

Simultaneous Recording and Playback

While traditional CCTV camera systems make it difficult to record video footage while also reviewing footage, an IP surveillance system makes this a problem of the past. With IP surveillance, you can watch recorded footage while continuing to record in real-time, so you never have to worry about missing anything.

Next-Level Security

With CCTV, there’s always the risk of criminals compromising on-site video cameras and video recorders to destroy any evidence of illicit activities. With the off-site storage capabilities offered by IP surveillance, video is stored at a remote data center, so criminals cannot possibly destroy data. Even if they destroy the cameras, the footage will still be recorded to preserve evidence, so law enforcement can identify suspects.

A Converged Network

One of the premium benefits of choosing Be Structured as your video surveillance partner is that our team has the capabilities to develop a holistic network solution which incorporates your security platform. We can install cameras with motion detectors that alert your team via email that motion has been detected in specific areas of your facility without triggering alarms beforehand. At Be Structured, our overarching goal is to simplify your technology platform without sacrificing security or reliability. Our IP surveillance solutions are a critical part of achieving that goal by tying a robust security platform into your larger network solution.

Your Managed IT Service and Security Experts

At Be Structured, we have hands-on expertise in everything from IT cybersecurity to on-site security camera systems. If your organization is ready to elevate your security platform to the next level by deploying a solution that’s greater than the sum of its parts, contact our team of experts today. We’ll work with you to identify industry-specific threats and proactively protect your operations against them, so your team can stay focused on mission-critical operations at every level.

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