Windows Defender and Active Directory Hardening

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At Be Structured, we continually refine your cybersecurity strategies by staying ahead of the latest industry advancements.

Windows Defender

The team at Be Structured has the skills and experience to ensure you’re getting maximum protection from the built-in Windows Defender platform. While Windows Defender simplifies updating and security enhancements, it’s crucial to have a team of security experts making sure your network is operating as intended. With integrated antivirus, Windows Defender delivers a robust platform for securing all of your organization’s computers.

Windows Integration

With Windows Defender, there’s nothing to install. Windows Defender delivers complete, ongoing network protection without requiring any additional hardware or software. Defender makes it easier and more intuitive than ever to protect all of the computers on your network.

Cloud Protection

Windows Defender automatically updates with the latest threat definitions from the cloud. At the same time, you have access to cutting-edge threat behavior detection from the cloud, so you’re alerted about any suspicious activity on your devices.

Real-Time Updates

Windows Defender updates in real time while scanning and protecting your device, minimizing potential network loopholes cybercriminals can exploit. At the same time, you can review computer scans with a few clicks to see how Defender is protecting your devices.

Built-In Ransomware Protection

With ransomware attacks becoming increasingly prevalent, Windows Defender keeps you protected with controlled folder access to protect mission-critical data.

The latest protection for your devices.

Be Structured stays ahead of the latest cybersecurity threats to keep you protected.

Active Directory Hardening

Active Directory is a Microsoft directory service that facilitates user, application, and data management on your network. When using Active Directory, it’s critical to take additional steps to protect user credentials, network data, software, and resources from unauthorized access. Be Structured specializes in solidifying your Active Directory security strategies to ensure private data remains protected.

When you partner with Be Structured, we’ll oversee your Active Directory framework. From ensuring users have appropriate administrative access to refining your security settings, the experts at Be Structured take a comprehensive approach to your Active Directory security strategies.

With our Active Directory Hardening solutions, we incorporate the following strategies:

  • Reviewing and refining your security settings
  • Implementing access permissions
  • Real-time directory audits and alerts
  • Deploying backup and recovery platforms
  • Centralizing and automating processes

With these strategies in place, we’re able to develop and deploy a comprehensive Active Directory Hardening platform that protects your network and users at every level.

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