All-Inclusive Los Angeles Managed IT Services (MSP)

Hire a proactive partner in your success.

We Are More Than Just A Service Provider

Partnering with the Be Structured Technology Group is like getting your own professional IT department. You might have your own in-house IT personnel, but no one person can deliver the wealth of knowledge that the Be Structured team does. We have structured our services to all work together to provide complete coverage for your business operations. The same goes for our expert staff. By hiring us, you are gaining access to a team of experts all with their own diverse backgrounds and expertise, all for a single monthly fee.

When you are selecting any service, it is always about finding the best balance between costs and results. Our all-inclusive managed IT services deliver that balance with top-notch strategies and predictable billing that are tailored to the needs of your business. We are a (MSP) managed service provider that delivers comprehensive IT solutions. Our all-inclusive managed services include everything you will need to run your business.

Don’t just address problems as they come up

Partner with a provider that thinks proactively.

Our Services All Work Together

Time and time again, we have spoken with business leaders that are unhappy with their in-house IT or current service provider. Be Structured knows that a proactive approach and custom solutions are what really makes the difference for clients. We come with a library of services that have all been developed to stack on one another. They provide a network of assistance that looks out for issues and fixes them before they disrupt your business.

Services like 24/7 monitoring and support will be there to keep an eye on the functions of your systems when everyone else has gone home. We protect those functions with antivirus and intrusion protection software. These security functions actively search your network for signs of intrusion and can take predetermined actions against them. We also provide help desk assistance where your employees will speak directly to one of our computer engineers for help with things like password issues to email deletion.

Our data backup and protection is part of a larger strategy for your disaster recovery and business continuity planning. Once we have your managed security in place, Be Structured begins optimizing your operations with methods like server virtualization to get the most power out of your hardware and IT consulting to build plans for your future IT strategies.

Your Goals Dictate Our Services

Cutting-edge technology is great, but custom solutions combined with superior technology are better. We tailor our services to every customer and their operations because we know that every customer has different needs. This customization enables us to serve your interests better and help you achieve your goals. There are cloud services that we would recommend to any client, but the cloud platform and data center you use will be arranged to your particular requirements.

Remote support like we offer for cloud managed services offers the advantage of not always needing someone on site to address your issues. This means you’ll save time and money. Every small to medium sized business understands the value of a service that maximizes your resources while cutting your costs. Be Structured’s managed services are the perfect solution for any small business that understands the key to their technological growth is a stable infrastructure with the maintenance services to maintain it.

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