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More businesses are discovering the transformative power of the cloud environment for streamlining operations, minimizing overhead, and keeping teams in sync. As the possibilities opened up by cloud services continue to expand, your organization needs insights into how to successfully navigate the options. While hardware, software, and network administration are critical components of any comprehensive cloud platform, there’s quite a bit more to it than that.

In this post, we’ll examine the interweaving facets of cloud computing architecture. With this knowledge, you’ll have a deeper understanding of how they work together to deliver the scalability and tools your organization needs to succeed both today and tomorrow.

The Components of Cloud Computing Architecture

Any cloud computing platform can be broken down into four distinct facets that allow your organization to connect, manage, and communicate with cloud resources. These key components include:

A Front-End Platform

Your front-end cloud platform includes everything your team uses to interact with underlying cloud services. As such, a front-end platform is composed of the devices (e.g., desktops, laptops, and mobile devices) your team uses to access your cloud platform along with the client or software they use to leverage cloud resources. In short, everything your team uses on a day-to-day basis to access the cloud makes up your front-end platform.

A Back-End Platform

While a front-end platform is everything your team sees when they go to access the cloud, a back-end platform is everything working behind the scenes. This includes server infrastructure, whether it’s hosted at your facility or at a data center, as well as the storage devices your cloud environment depends on for operation.

A Cloud-Based Delivery Platform

Since the back-end platform comprises the physical infrastructure behind a cloud network, those devices require protocols and software for communicating with each other and with devices connected to the cloud. That’s where a cloud-based delivery platform comes into play. A software platform is loaded onto servers by network administrators and is frequently customized based on your needs and plans for future expansion. Without this critical piece of the puzzle, your front-end platform would be left unable to communicate and provide anything of value to the back-end platform.

A Network

A cloud platform also requires a broader network to operate on. This network can be as simple as the internet connection (most commonly used with public cloud resources at a datacenter) to your building or as robust as your own internal intranet (most widely used to support private clouds). You can even explore the possibility of an intercloud solution whereby multiple cloud platforms are interconnected to form a broader, more sophisticated cloud environment. Intercloud solutions are most common for businesses looking to take advantage of a hybrid cloud platform.

Cloud Environment Performance Optimization

If you’re looking for opportunities to streamline cloud operations for your organizations, these strategies offer a great place to start:

Software as a Service (SaaS)

For businesses that prioritize scalability, software-as-a-service models have become increasingly popular for facilitating growth. SaaS involves a cloud partner installing and maintaining the cloud-based delivery software for your platform. As such, SaaS offers a flexible, scalable system since the software can be loaded onto multiple servers to optimize performance and quickly increase your user base.

SaaS solutions generally take one of four approaches:

  1. Single-Instance: One instance of software is installed and operates on a cloud server for a single customer.
  2. Multi-Instance: Multiple instances of the same software run on cloud servers while being delivered to multiple customers.
  3. Multi-Tenant: A single instance of software and the supporting infrastructure simultaneously serve multiple customers while keeping separate data secure.
  4. Flex Tenancy: Flex tenancy involves both shared and dedicated cloud resources with multiple instances of software operating on numerous servers to match customer demands.

Why would you want to share cloud resources with other customers? Multi-instance, multi-tenant, and flex tenancy all offer redundant cloud resources that ensure your organization’s software is always up and running while providing a cost-effective solution.

Los Angeles IT Support

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