Data Backup, Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery

Unexpected disasters can strike all the time, and when they do, it’s important you have a backup and continuity plan ready. The problem is most small businesses either have substandard backup plans with limited functionality, or none at all.

With backup services from Be Structured, you’ll no longer have to worry. We make sure your data is monitored at all times and backed up consistently. Enjoy peace of mind knowing that all of your important data is properly backed up.

Our disaster recovery solution stores your data in a separate server and even if your existing server is damaged, we can get you back up and running with none to minimal downtime.

Nearly 70% of businesses that lose their data quickly go out of business. Having a data recovery solution, like our Backup Disaster Recovery (BDR) solution, is essential part of a
concise business continuity plan.

Document duplication, fire proof vaults, and off-site filing systems once were more prominent because that was the best way for companies to endure events where their data might be lost. All of this extra storage was part of their business continuity plan. They knew that if a disaster ever struck, losing all of their work could be a fatal blow to their business.

Today, most of the documents your employees rely on to make your business run properly are digital files. If those files are stored on a central hard drive or server, you are putting your data at risk, since it is all located in one place. Hard drives fail all of the time, and tape backup is costly and inefficient. Having a dedicated backup system is a must for any business that relies on data.

Why Choose Be Structured?

Unlike tape backup, our BDR solution utilizes hard drives to redundantly backup your data. By storing the documents away from your primary location, it helps to ensure the redundancy that you’ll need. With our BDR solution, you’ll know your data is always safe. If anything happens to your original data, a simple re-route is all it takes to get your business back up and running again. Your downtime would be a matter of minutes, as opposed to the hours it would take to restore that data by using a less efficient backup solution.

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