Cloud Services for Businesses

It’s become a reality of business needs in today’s world that to get the edge over the competition, you need to have all your tools ready, all at once, in an easily delivered format for any device and platform. The traditional do-it-yourself server model is quickly becoming a constraint on businesses with multiple locations, traveling employees, bring-your-own-device policies, and high-volume data needs, all while maintaining affordability and versatility in design; the cloud services industry has achieved this with stellar results in recent years, and has gained a tremendous increase in popularity for businesses looking to expand their operations and reach new levels of success.

What cloud solutions make sense for your business?

Be Structured can guide you to the perfect solution for your needs and budget. Whether you are looking to move your existing on-premise services to Amazon S3, Microsoft Azure, or Google Cloud Compute Engine for a truly global presence; move your file system to a highly-available cloud storage solution such as Box or Egnyte; or you utilize a custom web or server application that requires high bandwidth capacity and a reliable Content Distribution Network, our team can help make your transition or scale-out solution smooth and effortless, with little to no downtime so you don’t miss a beat.

A major advantage to cloud services over traditional IT infrastructure is that you only pay for what you use, and the up-front cost is minimal or free in many cases; new businesses at just about any size will benefit greatly from choosing the best cloud service offerings, but it can be tough to know what you need now and what can come later. Our team of highly skilled techs can escort you through the twists and turns of setting up your cloud-based business technology such as Office 365, Google G-Suite, and Amazon Web Services to get the job done and satisfy your customers, and gives you the tools and information to generate more revenue and manage your team effectively.

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