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Does your organization depend on your network for day-to-day operations? One quick way to answer this question is by asking, “If my network stops working, can my team keep working?” When they can’t, the consequences of a network outage are frequently fourfold:

  • Reduced productivity
  • Lost revenue
  • Irreparable data loss
  • Dissatisfied customers

However, a comprehensive data backup and disaster recovery platform can help mitigate the effects of a network outage and even restore normal operations sooner than you thought possible. In this post, we’ll explore some of the backup strategies you need to protect your network at every level.

What You Need to Know About Data Backup Systems

When it comes to protecting your network with frequent data backups, the key is achieving the ideal balance between cost and results. In order to find that balance, here’s what you need to know:

The Importance of Redundancy

And to get the best results, you need to prioritize some level of redundancy. If you’re only storing one version of your data backups, you remain vulnerable to threats like ransomware and corrupted files. That’s why we always recommend that you store multiple backup images when possible while storing backups in at least two different locations.

Onsite and Offsite Backups

On top of redundant backups, it’s important to utilize both onsite and offsite backup systems whenever possible. Onsite backups make it easy to quickly restore files in the event of minor issues like data corruption or accidental deletion. However, when you store onsite backups on devices like external hard drives, they can be vulnerable to natural disasters, theft, or hardware failure. Also, depending on the size of your network, they may not have the data storage capacity to accommodate your backup needs.

A redundant offsite backup system helps protect against the vulnerabilities of onsite backups. Offsite backups will still be there even if your onsite infrastructure is destroyed. They can’t be stolen, and data centers also utilize multiple servers to guard against hardware failure. At the same time, however, offsite backups may not always be possible due to regulatory compliance requirements. That’s why it’s critical to implement a backup platform that balances both onsite and offsite backup systems.

Automated Backup Methods

Both onsite and offsite backup systems can be set up to automate the backup process. When you automate your backup platform, you significantly reduce the risk of human error. Relying on your team to follow through with regular backups can actually interfere with your data security measures: people forget, miscommunication occurs, specific files or folders can be missed, and data breaches become more likely. By automating the process, you add an additional layer of protection to your data security measures. At the same time, your team can focus on more critical day-to-day tasks, and you don’t have to worry about mistakes compromising data or files.

Recovery Objectives

When you’re planning a data backup platform, you need concrete metrics to measure the effectiveness of your strategies. These metrics are called recovery objectives and are primarily measured in two different ways:

Recovery Time Objectives (RTO)

Your network’s recovery time objectives pinpoint the maximum allowable amount of time that a device, network, or application can be down following a network outage. Generally, this timeframe is determined based on practicality as well as the length of time before serious repercussions begin to occur. For example, if your organization depends on your phone system to make sales, the RTO for your VoIP platform may be 15 to 30 minutes.

When we’re talking about data recovery, your RTO measures the maximum amount of time your disaster recovery plan can take to provide access to mission-critical business files and applications. That’s why your RTO needs to be at the forefront of your mind while planning and practicing data recovery strategies.

Recovery Point Objectives (RPO)

In short, a recovery point objective measures the frequency with which you need to back up files. When your network goes down, and you lose data, your RPO measures how long ago the last backup occurred. That means if your RPO is 8 hours, backups need to be set up to happen every 8 hours. In the event of data loss, an RPO of 8 hours guarantees that your team will be able to recover files as they were at least 8 hours prior to the outage.

Los Angeles’ Data Backup Experts

If you’re ready to take a proactive approach to protecting your organization’s mission-critical data, you need a partner with the hands-on expertise to customize a backup platform around your operations. Contact the data security experts at Be Structured today, and we’ll work with you to start exploring the possibilities for protecting your business data with a comprehensive backup and recovery solution.

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