Ransomware Pt. 1

What Is Ransomware?

In today’s world, Cyber-attacks are getting much more covert and sophisticated in nature.  Gone are the days when an attacker would be merely content by simply deploying a Trojan Horse virus to secretly see what is going on in your computer. 

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Deploying Mobile Devices Securely pt.2


In this blog, we continue our series in how to secure wireless devices at your place of business.

How to Secure Mobile Devices in Your Environment

1)  Always test your mobile security policy and threat landscape before implementing it:

Before you start to implement and enforce your policies, it is always important to evaluate them first in a test environment to see how they will work in a real-world environment.

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Deploying Mobile Devices Securely


As we all know, mobile devices have become not only an integral part of the workplace, but even in society.  Therefore, the safe deployment of these devices is of paramount importance not just for individuals, but businesses and corporations, government agencies, as well as other entities.

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Incident Response Plan – Part 7

How to Report a Security Incident to External Stakeholders

The external stakeholders of the business or corporation are primarily your customers, and even the suppliers and distributors that you currently work with. 

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Incident Response Plan – Part 6

How to Report a Security Incident to Internal Stakeholders

As it has been discussed throughout this blog series, the need to respond quickly and to communicate on a real-time basis after an organization has been hit by a Cyber-attack is very critical.

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Incident Response Plan-Part 5

The Components of An Incident Response Plan

It is at this point that crafting the actual Incident Communications plan becomes crucial.  It is important to note that each plan will be very unique to a business or a corporation, therefore the exact requirements that needs to go into such a plan will vary.

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Incident Response Plan – Part 3

The Benefits and the Needs for Fast Time to Detect and Time to Respond Periods

When an organization is hit by a Cyber-attack, the IT Staff obviously needs to respond as quickly possible to the incident. 

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Incident Response Plan – Part 2

The Risks and the Needs Associated of Going Offline

When a business or a corporation is hit by a Cyber-attack, one of the first questions that often gets asked is just how much of the IT Infrastructure has been damaged, or even if the Cyber attacker is still lurking around trying to infect other systems.

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