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Your network is not something that can be left to amateurs. This infrastructure is a crucial part of your overall operations. It is the foundation that every other system and service depends on. It needs to dependable, flexible, and built for your unique requirements. This is not an area to cut corners or for short-term thinking; your office network setup is a long-term investment. Whether you need a small office network or an enterprise-wide restructuring of network planning, we are equipped to be your single source of solutions for network installation.

Factors To Consider About Your Network

Be Structured is prepared to be your turnkey network support company, but there are some essential questions that you can prepare for to make your design and installation process easier. We know how to network an office, but to network your office, we need to know your unique situation and requirements.

The Type of Growth You Are Expecting

How many new employees are you expecting to hire? Are you planning any remote or at-home operations? Are there mergers or acquisitions in the future that will change the nature of your workspace?

Current Internet Connectivity

How does your business currently connect to the internet? Do you own your equipment or is it rented? If we upgrade the internet connection, it may require upgraded equipment as well.

Application Requirements

What applications are essential to the operations of your business? We need to know especially which voice and video applications are critical so we can plan how best to support them. We want to maintain a high-quality level of service.

Your Number of Users and Types of Equipment

Take an inventory of current users and equipment like wireless routers and wireless access points. It would also help to provide us with your predicted growth over the next 12 months at a minimum.

Your Existing Infrastructure

What is the current physical layout of your network? Is your network cabling running overhead? On the floors? In the walls? When we are planning new equipment placement, we need to take your physical infrastructure into account.

The New Services You Will Require

What type of services will you need to add in the future? We want our network installation services to be prepared for your future needs as well as your current requirements.

Temperature and Climate Concerns

In the wrong environment, network hardware can become overheated. If the level of humidity is too high, there can be issues with moisture. You will need a network hardware space that is away from ventilation ducts or cold air return vents.

Security and Privacy Concerns

What are your current security precautions? We might be able to get rid of extra hardware and streamline your security measures.

Your Wireless Network Needs

Are you planning on moving from a wired network to a wireless one? A mix of the both? How expansive is the area that the wireless network needs to service? All wireless access points are limited by specific ranges to maintain expected performance levels.

Budget Limitations

We will always work to stay within the limitations of your budget. We will help you find the balance between how much you want to invest and the services that you want upgrade or install.

Reliability and Uptime Requirements

How much downtime can your business sustain before there is profit loss? Expecting 100% uptime all the time is going to be costly and ultimately impractical. How much reliability can your business afford?

To learn more about our network installation services and how Be Structured can help your business, reach out to us today. We will find the solutions that are right for your situation.

18 thoughts on “The Foundation of Your Business: Network Installation

  1. Yes, companies will always want to have their network installed but I think some pertinent questions need to be considered before installation. I like the fact that the future will also be considered.

  2. Your network shouldn’t be something you don’t pay attention needs to maintained by professionals..Nice article..I really gained a lot from it

  3. These factors are needed for a good working condition network. Network is something that needs to be given attention to.

  4. I see that there is a lot to consider about the network, I was wrong regarding what I thought that a network should be, Thaks for sharing this useful information.

  5. Having a network installation is great for a company. And as such much should be looked into before installation. I think the numbers of employees should be really looked into so that it can accommodate the network

  6. I never imagined there were so many factors to be considered when setting up a network installation. Thank you for this very educative post.

  7. I think the most important factor among these would be security concerns. Data breaches can be very costly to an organization.

  8. For many companies the budget can be a concern leading them to compromise on some key features of the network. However not too many compromises should be made.

  9. I like how detailed and in-depth this post is. There is so much to learn from this. Great post and I look forward to more.

  10. It’s also worth mentioning that scalability is very vital. The network should be set up in such a way that it is easy to expand it in the future.

  11. Depending on the country. Here for example, the net is slow no matter where I am. I hope it will be faster later on.

  12. Business owners really need a reliable network installation company. Great points discussed here. Live the job to the professionals if you want your business to run smoothly.

  13. I totally agree. The existing infrastructure of your network is very important. It voids unnecessary destruction like if maybe you had a ground connection and you started to do wall connections.

  14. It’s always important to have a comprehensive picture of what you want to do with your IT in the future. It helps you to avoid unnecessary installation now.

  15. Thanks for the very informative article on key factors that influence network installation. The most important factor was the one about the budget because if one saves money on installation then there is bound to be trouble later on.

  16. the most important thing for a great network installation is about great cost, data security and ability to sustain weather conditions.

  17. It’s good there’s a service like this to coach you through in starting your business. I like that short and long term accommodations are taken into consideration and that the technical and social frameworks are mentioned. Thanks for sharing.

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