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We understand the frustrations of dealing with a managed service provider (MSP) whose services aren’t aligned with your business goals and priorities. At Be Structured, we ourselves are unhappy with the MSP landscape in Los Angeles and throughout Southern California. That’s why we’re committed to revolutionizing what businesses can expect from their MSPs. In fact, we’ve noticed that more clients than ever are coming to us because they aren’t happy with their current MSP. Here’s our assessment of the situation and what we’re doing about it.

The Los Angeles MSP Landscape

If you aren’t familiar, there’s been a recent uptick in mergers and acquisitions among managed service providers. This environment has created a dichotomy of sorts; you have large providers that were once several small companies, and the small providers looking to sell or remain small. As a result, there’s a void in the market for growth-oriented companies looking for an MSP that’s prepared to grow with them while still meeting their day-to-day IT needs.

At the same time, these mergers and acquisitions rarely go as anticipated. Trying to reconcile different people, processes, and tools frequently results in a less than personal IT experience. Many of these MSPs are also backed by private equity or venture capitalists whose primary concern is numbers rather than technology or client satisfaction. Ultimately, these MSPs leave a lot to be desired, and if you’re unhappy with your current MSP, it’s probably time to start shopping around.

What Be Structured Does Differently

At Be Structured, our priorities are substantially different from other MSPs. Rather than looking to sell out or acquire our competitors, we’re committed to working with you to develop technology strategies that grow your business while adding lasting value to your operations. While other MSPs use their time and energy to help themselves, we dedicate our time and energy to your continued business success.

Other MSPs count their successes by the number of clients they have; we count our successes based on the number of employees’ jobs we can make easier with the help of technology. That’s because we put people and technology first, with the understanding that our success depends on your success. And as always, we’re the same owner-operated, grassroots MSP we’ve always been, so you can count on us for a long-term technology partnership.

Concerned About the Transition Process?

One of the biggest complaints we hear about companies looking to switch MSPs is they’re worried about the downtime of transitioning. We always say this: You’ll experience more downtime dealing with an impersonal, incompetent MSP in the long run. Plus, we’ve already helped dozens of companies in just about every industry transition away from an MSP they were unhappy with.

Our team has the skills and experience to make the transition as smooth as possible while minimizing downtime, because we do it a lot. At the same time, we don’t have a bureaucratic hierarchy that slows us down. We’re able to make the transition quickly and efficiently because the project managers facilitating the transition are the same ones overseeing your overarching technology platform.

Los Angeles IT Support

At Be Structured, we continually strive to be the single source for all of your organization’s technology needs. From delivering comprehensive managed services to overseeing your migration to the cloud, our team has the skills and expertise to deliver technology solutions optimized for your operations and designed to propel growth. Contact our team today to start exploring how much an MSP can do for you.