Who We Serve

Organizations such as yours need good IT so that they can focus their energies on running a successful business. Be Structured Technology Group gives you the expertise and manpower to help IT contribute to your success, not hinder it.

What You Need, and What We Can Deliver

No two businesses are the same with their IT requirements, but some technology needs are universal: reliability, performance, security, and due diligence. Be Structured delivers the service and know-how that helps your business grow:

  • You rely on email, phones, internet, and computer networks to function—you simply cannot afford downtime. When something needs fixing, it should be fixed ASAP and stay fixed.
  • You want skilled technicians who are accessible and speak in layman’s terms. Jargon and geek-speak does not impress or help you. When you call for assistance, you want friendly, responsive, expert service.
  • You want great technology set up for the present as well as for future growth. You want the best strategic advice on how tech planning can affect and improve your organization’s bottom line.
  • You greatly value IT—but you don’t want to worry about it. You leverage the expertise of reliable technology providers so that you can focus on running your business.
  • Your workforce includes 15-100 people who are dependent on their computers to be productive. You value their productivity and look for ways to help them work better, improve communication, protect data, and prevent issues from turning into expensive downtime repairs.

Does this sound like you? If so, Be Structured can help.

Your Industry, Our Specialty

Be Structured has experience working with a wide array of industries and business sectors, including:

Where We Work

Be Structured serves businesses throughout Los Angeles and Orange County, including:

And if your business is in two or more locations (including outside SoCal, out of state, or internationally), that’s not a problem—we can handle your IT and coordinate between sites.

Why We’re Different

Be Structured Technology Group isn’t like other IT services providers in the Los Angeles area. Many of our competitors have sales and executive types who sell to clients, and technical experts who execute the technology—and the two sides rarely work together for your benefit. Often, the subsequent result is services you don’t need and gaps in your IT. Be Structured is different in that our team’s leaders are also experts, with deep IT knowledge that allows them to identify and execute the solutions that are best for you.

We can structure your IT, support your employees, protect your data—all at half the cost of a full-time IT person. If you’ve been frustrated at the level of service or performance you’re receiving from your current IT support, or if you constantly worry about whether you’re doing everything you can to secure your data and protect your network, Be Structured is the partner you need to ensure that technology is working for—and not against—you.